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Lifestyle portrait photography is my biggest passion, it allows me to get closer to people and capture their special moments forever. Emotions move me and are my strongest inspiration. I like to photograph real people of any age in a natural, documentary style, capture and show them in a picture how I see them, with all their beauty. It is all about emotions!

I know and make use of the best locations in Menorca for the most stunning photo shoots, the landscapes of this island are the best background for some forever lasting memories.

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I like to capture moments naturally and my goal is always spontaneity, I will ask you to stand here or there, and will give you a couple of directions to get the perfect images. You don’t need to know how to pose and I don’t expect you to! I will explain and direct every detail, and will look for your real reactions so you can feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. The whole time you will be you, just as you are, and I will capture it with my camera in a natural, documentary style.

I have some photography packages that cover most needs, but if you have something different in mind we can always customize your shoot according to your ideas! I am always open to a challenge!

I move to wherever you need me, so whether Spain or any other place in the world, just contact me and let’s do a stunning photo shoot to remember for ever!


What my customers think
  • “Laura did an amazing job capturing our engagement.”
    Jessica - USA
  • “Thanks, Laura! You are very gifted – We are super happy with the results!”  
    David – Sweden
  • “Laura is so professional! I highlight her sensitivity to connect and absolute ability to capture those magical moments with her camera in which no words are needed.”  
    Elvira – Spain
  • “We absolutely love the pictures! Thank you so much, we went through many beautiful moments while seeing the photos. Thank you for your love and capture so many moments with such delicacy and beauty…”  
    Alexandra – France
  • “We felt very comfortable and our children had so much fun! We love the pictures, Laura!!! Thx so much!”  
    Elynn – Singapore
  • We had a great time with Laura. She was so patient with our 2yr old. The shoot was so fun and the photos are great!
    Jeanette - Singapore
  • Laura is absolutely fantastic and really professional! She knows how to capture that perfect moment.
    Paul - Netherlands

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