We will take 1 or 2 hours to create a moment to remember. You will get some lovely pictures that show how beautiful you look with a life growing inside you, and I will put all of me to make you feel comfortable and have a good time.

During the shoot we will use different clothing and underwear that will show your belly, and, if you dare, some artistic nudes so you can remember the perfect curves that you have today.

If you have a different idea of how the photos of your dreams should be, let me know and we will find the perfect way to save this unique moment.


We can also do a follow up of your pregnancy, with a short photo shoot every month until your baby is born. We start in the third or fourth month and the last photo includes your newborn baby, every photo is the same (same clothes and same pose) in order to show the belly growing during pregnancy. In the seventh month we can include the maternity photo shoot and in the last one we will do the newborn photo shoot.